Low Def Strikes Back! / by Craig McIntyre

I recently had the pleasure of attending an evening of short films at the Skylark, Portobello. Low Def, hosted by Paul Maguire, brings together a collective of filmmakers, each producing  a one minute video: fiction, documentary, experimental, fine art, video poem – or absolutely anything! I arrived half an hour before the night started and caught up with Paul (and his mac), busily compiling the material as it rolled in via email.

Now in its 5th year, Low Def has travelled the length of the country, bringing Paul’s creative vision and energy for filmmaking into community environments, meeting places and hubs where people can come together and take time out from their busy day and take a moment to stop and stare.

The night at Skylark was a great success. The films on offer, from techno sheep to a French tale set in Leith set the scene for a visually stunning event. I think the highlight for me had to be the most original and zaniest piece of film, fruit flies having sex in a bar in Amsterdam’s red light district – no shit, you gotta see it to believe!

I would also like to thank Sasha, one cool dude who brought some great banter to the table. I know Paul and Sasha are embarking on a new shoot, somewhere in Amsterdam and cannot wait to see their new work? 

This is an annual event. Looking forward to getting a film in next time!

Low Def strikes back

Low Def strikes back